A Bit about Why I Do this

My Story

For the first 20 years of my life, I was in abject poverty. I grew up in a series of trailer houses (all were in bad condition) and my parents (who I loved) were both disabled. 

My first computer was two-generation old windows 95 desktop (when XP was out). I was determined to overcome this limitation, knowing I didn’t want this lifestyle.

I left the household, got three degrees, and went down an uncertain college path. Throughout this, I understood two things: I wanted to write and I wanted to really help people.

So I worked for newspapers, blogs, and various entities to build my experience. I quit my “day job” three years ago to become a full time freelance writer. I’ve met really awesome people and taught myself how to create compelling copy.


And I’ve never looked back. 


Satisfied Clients



Broken Computer

“Thanks, Eli. Perfect writing, very cooperative, and good expertise on the subject. Without a doubt would hire him again!”

Let’s Chat

I think all good writing starts with conversation. so, let’s talk about your goals and dreams and how what I write can help you get closer to them. 


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