The Complete Inbound Marketing and Content Writing Service Process

Effective content writing requires a devoted specialist. To check if I’m a good fit for your needs, check out my portfolio.

Below, I’ll go through a breakdown of my process so you know what you are paying for.

Blog and Article Content Writing Services – The Inform Stage

My blog writing process has grown the audience for my clients. I do this by writing SEO-driven content that focuses on people over search engines.

As the managing editor of By The Barricade, I have grown their website heavily over the past year. I’ve done this by managing a team of writers and providing feedback when necessary related to my writing skills.

On Upgraded Home, I had to flex my creative muscles by writing on a lot of topics. Many of these topics I did not know about when I started. Research is at the center of my process.

On Teckers, I work on campaigns built to educate people on the best ways to handle Shopify. As an eCommerce content writer, I provide actionable tips for readers.

I’ve been a consistent content writing specialist with AMZScout as well, a well-known Amazon analysis tool. Through my contribution, AMZScout has grown with many guest blogs as well. Together with my clients, I’ve helped contribute to amazing projects.

To contact me about how my blog writing skills can help you, fill out the form below.

Content for Improved Lead Generation – The Engage Stage

Once you’ve established yourself as an informative source, you need a reason to let them come back. This is known as lead creation, typically as exchanging emails for more information.

The content needs to provide value to keep your customer coming back. In my work with AMZScout, I’ve written many pieces providing details on how the behind-the-scenes process of Walmart or Amazon eCommerce works.

You’ll notice that none of these pieces are heavy-handed with the advertisement. Instead, if the brand is mentioned, it one solution among many. It might be the best solution presented to save time or money, but it is still built to provide value to the reader.

Landing Page Content and UX Content – The Convert Stage

I’ve written many pieces of content for a variety of web services. Here are a few pages where you can find my content:

Landing pages need to quickly convince and convert by making it clear what your business does. By addressing the pain points of your buyer, you can do this as well.

It’s important to know that content has a purpose, landing page content converts. Knowing the difference will allow you to home in on your target, which is something I want to help your business do. Contact me below if you want a new user experience.

Alternative Services – Email Outreach and AP Style Content

I also have experience providing tools to help you guest blog. Here are a few examples:

Regardless of your priorities, I can help your business grow. Reach out to me today so we can work together to make something amazing.