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What I Do


Blog Articles

I like to help people with blogging. If you want to connect with your audience by being that friendly neighbor, I can write for you. 

SEO Strategy

Want to be the authority in your blog space? I can help build your SEO strategy through keyword research.

Content Review

Not sure what you need more of? Let me review what you currently have to fill in the content gaps to help you remain an authority. 

Content Strategy

Need a content strategy with specific outcomes? Let’s build a content strategy that helps you boost sales, engage visitors, or encourage email subscriptions

Product Reviews

Want to build your affiliate content to make passive income? We can use my proven review format to build your website.

Driven Copywriting

Want to write in a way that boosts your results? To do that, you need a systematic approach using proven systems that I can help you with.

Helpful, Actionable Blogs

Here’s an honest truth: I’m an expert in no field. Because of this, I can write from an outsider’s perspective. 

This makes my writing more personable than the average writer. I don’t come from the lens of an expert writer who knows more than everyone. I become your audience so I can properly write for your audience. 

Because of this, I like to write using a style that provides simple, followable steps. So my readers like to do stuff (like buy your things or follow you online). 


Affiliate Product Writer

Have you ever read a blog and thought “geez, this looks like the writer is getting an affiliate commission.” If you have that reaction, what’s your first thought? 

You probably are going to stop taking them seriously, because you know they are going to be too afraid to say anything negative. After all, they might lose the sale. 

If you want to make real money from your affiliate articles, you need to write honestly. This means calling things out when you see them. 

I’ve written numerous affiliate pieces for VPNs, website builders, and e-commerce products. Much like blogs, I like to write in a way that appeals to your reader. This means conversational writing that is honest and helpful. 


Topic Clusters 

To make content that ranks, it can’t be standalone. This means you can’t write a single article with no references. You need a collection of topics that proves to your viewers you are the expert. 

These are known as topic clusters. 

A good topic cluster focuses on the area where you want to be an expert. Then, it takes that topic and explores it in-depth using existing resources (other blogs, general knowledge, books, etc.) 

A big part of my content strategy creation process starts with topic clusters. These relate heavily to my SEO process.

Content STrategy

Content strategy includes everything from the briefs you create to the widespread approach to your content. The ultimate strategy in content is built on systems you can reuse across multiple fronts. 

I’ve created those systems for my clients to help them create consistent and high-quality experiences for readers. These strategies include everything:

  • Blogs
  • Lead magnets (like eBooks)
  • Email content 
  • Website content (including landing pages, hero pages, and squeeze pages)

Good content strategies provide a consistent base for other content writers. As someone who works in guidance roles, I know how to communicate these. My “don’t be a dick” philosophy applies here. 


SEO Strategy

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the cornerstone of many websites looking for free traffic. 

It is also an absolute crock when in the wrong hands. 

Ultimately, there is power in SEO, but it needs to be supplemented by other sources. My SEO focus is on meeting the need for Google to recognize you as an expert.

I use programs like Frase and Keywords Everywhere for research and writing. But these programs are no substitute for real approachable writing. 

So, my best SEO advice: don’t write for SEO. Write for people and keep a handful of keywords in mind.

Keywords = topic clusters. 

But don’t force those keywords in. To see how I can help you out with that, reach out to me. 

(sort of) Creative CopyWriting

“Creative” copywriting is a silly concept given that all copywriting is sort of like a mathematical process. Ultimately, you should ask yourself these questions when writing copy:

  • What are your client’s pain points?
  • How does your product solve those pain points? 
  • How can I connect this to an emotion? 
  • Do I truly believe in what I’m selling? 

 Good copywriting is simple, straightforward, and speaks to your audience. From reading numerous books on the topic, marketers tend to overcomplicate it. 

If you don’t want to overcomplicate it with me, I’d love to help you out. I can also help you create a buyer’s persona, which is a huge deal when writing your copy. After all, you don’t want to write to a “concept” you want to write to a person.


"Eli was a pleasure to work with - promptly took the initiative to onboard himself to my clients' accounts and familiarize himself with the content and briefs. After just one month he was working autonomously and producing high-ranking content for our clients' blogs."

"Eli was awesome! Completed the job with plenty of time to spare, immediately knew the SEO process to use, had access to the right tools, and gave very thoughtful recommendations. Would love to work with him again!"

Ryan Morgan @ Swell Digital

"Eli is a very good specialist. He completed the task in full. He did even more than indicated in the assignment. I really appreciated it."

Tatyana @ SEOF1RST

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