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Blog Management and Content Strategy

I can rewrite your current content, create new content, or manage your blog for you. I can also build a content strategy (including a list of target keywords) based on your needs. 

WordPress On-Page Optimization

I can review your WordPress website to be sure it is technically optimized and lightweight, giving you the best chance to rank.

Website Copy & Landing Pages

I can write your landing pages and website copy to optimize it for keywords and change it for conversions. 

Email Marketing & Buyer's Journey

I can help create a multi-stage email marketing campaign based on customers as they go through the buying journey.

Lead Magnet & E-Book Creation

I can create a lead magnet (like an e-book) for your landing page. This helps you grow your email list or add value to your website.

YouTube/Video Script Writing

I write scripts for various YouTube channels that you can use to grow your audience. I like to be funny and know my way around a meme.

Complete Blog & Website Management

I like to write blogs and have a lot of experience doing so. Here’s what I can do: 


  • Expertise in a wide range of niches (scroll up and click my portfolio link for details)
  • Multi stage review process focusing on grammar, engagement, and clarity. 
  • Research that goes beyond the top ten results of a SERP 
  • Keyword research (Using tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Keywords Everywhere)
  • Results tracking (through tools like SEMrush and RankTracker)
  • Knowledge of major site builders (like WordPress, Wix, and Shopify)
  • Knowledge on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical improvements. 


Copywriting, Email Marketing, and Sales

Despite how awesome blogs can be, you might need help writing landing pages, sales letters, or email marketing chains. I can help with that to, and here’s what I offer:


  •  Experience based on proven copywriting masters (Dan Kennedy, David Ogilvy, and Claude Hopkins). 
  • Inspired by a continuous desire to grow more and learn more (and do better).
  • Understanding of all major email marketing platforms (Mailchimp, Sendinblue, etc.)
  • I can build custom, engaging graphics using Canva (which is also great for blogging) 
  • Creation of buyer’s personas (which helps create more effective understanding)
  • Deep research into the pain points and desires of your target audience 
  • A results-driven approach focused on improving your ROI 

"Eli was a pleasure to work with - promptly took the initiative to onboard himself to my clients' accounts and familiarize himself with the content and briefs. After just one month he was working autonomously and producing high-ranking content for our clients' blogs."

"Eli was awesome! Completed the job with plenty of time to spare, immediately knew the SEO process to use, had access to the right tools, and gave very thoughtful recommendations. Would love to work with him again!"

Ryan Morgan @ Swell Digital

"Eli is a very good specialist. He completed the task in full. He did even more than indicated in the assignment. I really appreciated it."

Tatyana @ SEOF1RST

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