The Copy Smith’s Portfolio

Thanks for stopping by. Here’s a history of my previously published works. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

By the Barricade: Managing Editor

I’m a managing editor for the website “By the Barricade.” Most content not created by the owner must be approved by me. I perform grammar edits, do SEO research, and focus content around keywords. Check out my author page below:

Teckers: Contributing Article Writer

I’m a contributing writer to Teckers, a website specializing in tech tips. I’ve written a couple articles on managing a Shopify store. I love teaching people how to improve their business.

Teckers Image - Author Page Product Reviews and Web Content is a website devoted to washing machine product reviews and how-to pages. As a product specialist, I research Australia’s best washing machines. As an affiliate writer, I know how to connect with an audience and have multiple formats I can use. I still work with the client today!

Upgraded Home: How-To Articles Over Numerous Topics

UpgradedHome is a reader-supported website that produces how-to articles on a variety of topics. I wrote topics ranging from HVAC to opening a wine bottle with a lighter. It was an interesting project which scratched my research ability. The result was a positive response from the client.

“Great writer -pays attention to detail and produces quality content.”

-UpWork Client

Home Villa NZ: The Ultimate New Zealand Affiliate Review Source

Home Villa NZ provides reviews over kitchen, laundry, heating, and cooling appliances. In a collaborative effort, I wrote several articles on the NZ site. It provided me a strong foundation for writing affiliate content today. As a result of the success of this project, I gained a lifelong client. I also wrote the “about” section.

BestVPNz – Technical Review Project

BestVPNz provides technical reviews on VPNs to determine their effectiveness. The technical review process involved testing speed, security, and features of various VPNs. The relationship didn’t last (I was also working at full-time job at the time), but it did provide me a basis from which to handle software reviews. I went into the project knowing nothing about VPNs.

Other Credited Work

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