Link Building and Content Strategy – Augur CPA

Christian Putnam, owner of Augur CPA, is a CPA based out of the DC area. He specializes in helping creative professionals, such as marketing agencies, musicians, and small businesses, understand taxes, establish their business, and create a growth strategy. In under six months, we’ve worked together to massively increase his online traffic.

  • Creation of a long-term plan to help grow organic traffic
  • Earning various top five keyword slots with a low-authority website
  • Increasing organic traffic by over 300%
  • Performing outreach via HARO and guest posting opportunities
  • Managing the content calendar, creating backlink profiles, and writing bi-weekly blogs

The Problem

Christian is a brilliant CPA with a solid knowledge of what it’s like to grow a business. The problem is that he was a relative beginner at off-site optimization and link building. And while there’s no doubt he could’ve learned this skill, it takes time he could be spending on his business.

The Solution

Our collaboration started back after a discussion in late November, where I developed a short-term eight-week plan for business growth. With a domain authority of one (because this is a new website), we had to target low-competition areas that would bring us traffic.

I wrote articles on music business and taxes when I was the managing editor of By The Barricade. Meanwhile, he focused on another low-competition target: taxes for streamers. The combined approach has given us daily visits averaging 150 people (much better than the seven he was getting).

In one case, we overtook TurboTax, the largest US provider of taxes, for the keyword “music taxes.” This was at a time that the website still had a domain authority of one, as Google was still considering it a new site.

Screenshot of low domain authority website overtaking high authority website.

The Future

Christian plans to continue to rely on me as long as I deliver results. We’ve discussed what the future might look like, including various potential marketing initiatives to transform this traffic into customers.

A combination of Christian’s deep understanding of financial matters and my own off-site SEO skills ensure Christian doesn’t have to rely on expensive advertising going forward. I look forward to working with him as long as our collaboration remains fruitful.