By The Barricade – Managing Editor

In 2020, I started my content writing journey and worked with Eric, a great digital marketer who gave me a chance despite being new to the industry. In 2021, I became the managing editor. I tested writers, set requirements, and led the writing part of the SEO strategy.

  • Organic traffic growth of 300% in one year (2022 and early 2023)
  • Lead a team of 3+ writers to write over 600 articles

The Problem

By The Barricade, a relatively small music site, was once a music news site. Eric planned on transforming it into more of an information base for new members of the music industry. To do this, he planned on outputting several articles from various writers.

To manage this, Eric needed someone who could review these articles with a limited budget. He also needed someone who could sort through different applicants. I have assessed more than 50 writers, selecting only a few who meet high writing standards.

The result was a team that varied from three to five writers over the years I edited on the site. Overtime, we we’re able to get some results with relatively low domain authority.

The Solution

We worked together to find easy keywords that attracted tens of thousands of visitors to the site. These visitors could then be targeted with an e-book created by Eric and another collaborator (edited by me). The result was a slow trickle of email subscribers.

Eventually, Eric and I went our separate ways, as I didn’t have as much time to contribute to the site. Regardless, it was a great learning experience, and I thank Eric for the opportunities.

“Eli, my go-to content expert for the past 3 years, created an awesome SEO track record. As By The Barricade’s managing editor, he improved nearly every part of the site’s editorial process. We heavily relied on him for writer training, article upgrades, and SEO briefs. I highly recommend Eli to anyone in need of a copywriter or editorial team lead.”

Eric Walden – Site Owner